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With my early delivery, Stigma Battle got its start. The company wants to eliminate the stigma attached
to talking about mental illness. I don’t want to stop at just assisting someone in managing their addiction
or mental condition. I wish to assist them in changing or entirely erasing the false assumptions at the
root of their problems. If we focus only on coping, we leave open the risk that the person will make a
mistake or that the stresses will change, upsetting the homeostasis and the balance. The end effect can
be a resurgence of the previous daily problems. Since the person is dissatisfied and discouraged that
their prior attempts were unsuccessful, it is likely to feel worse each time.

Anyone seeking information on or experiencing mental disease. The website offers services to budding
bloggers who want to share their experiences with mental illness. In addition, this is a place for aspiring
writers to blog—people with similar viewpoints on mental health. Here, we provide news, information,
and book bargains related to mental health.